I chose to use this picture because i loved the clarity and the sharpness of it along with how the flower was centered in the middle.This photo i thought stood out a little more due to the fact that the flower is surrounded by green and the white and yellow of the flower tend to stand out .

With this photo i like the balance of light and shadows that help balance out the photo. Along with the contrast i also love the focus of the photo and how it is very crisp. This photo makes me feel warm and as if im sitting outside.

With this photo i like the trail starting at the bottom and leading your eyes to the top of the dandelion, causing us to look over the whole image. 

My Quintessence, The look that holds a thousand words

My quintessence photo is one of my dog Abel resting his head on me, i chose this particular one because he is looking directly at me and the camera. I thought Abel qualified for my quintessence because he is always there for me and i for him, and in this moment i saw a thousand unspoken words in his eyes.  "You annoy me sometimes when im trying to sleep, but i love you because you feed me and sing me lullabies when its thundering and im scared". Me and him share a bond that makes sitting in the car after playing at the park comfortable and perfect. In the moment of this photo i saw what was a quintessence and i captured it forever in this photo. I took this photo in such a close shot because i felt like that was all that was needed to make it understandable with the way it was, i decided to let my shoe be shown in the background so it would be easier to tell that he was resting on my leg. I adjusted the lighting to make it slightly darker to give a cool and calm effect to t…

Album Cover Project

Album Cover Project

The three different images i used in this picture were the background, which is and image of a bed with lights and a heart made from photos around it. The second photo was of a sunflower that i had used a filter from Topaz Simplify to make it look as if it were painted, i had duplicated it and changed the opacity on each one so i could layer them on top of each other. The third photo is of me stretching, i used an outer glow effect around the body to give it and aura that would match the sunflowers and the feel of the album. I had the album title along with my name laid out across the top with text that i choose specific font and color in order for everything to go together. I named it sunrise vibes because when i think about staying up all night i think about the dark and quiet and then how once the sun starts to shine its as if everything comes to life.

ATPI Photos

ATPI Photos I chose each of these photos because they are all great and unique photos that represent me. With the Shooting time i had i had to think about angles, lighting, and inspiration. With editing these photos i was able to make them better and even put a completely new aspect on it that changes the whole picture. With choosing these photos i had to think about what category they would go in, how good they were and if they represented me well enough. Animal. This photo i thought was great because the water drops in the top left corner help lead you to the center of the photo. Still Life. With this photo my favorite part is the angle and the way the colors are arranged to make the blue pop against the other colors.  Architecture/City Scape. This photo is one of my best and i think the captivating part of this photo is where the stairs lead you to the top. Architecture/City Scape. With this one i love how the arches lead you towards the center of the picture. Animal. This photo wa…
My 5 best
I chose these as my 5 best and most likely to win a contest. These photos also felt like my more sophisticated photos, and i felt that the sophistication gave the photo a certain edge over the others for this subject. Each photo is different and has its own great qualities.
 With this photo i really love the architectural feeling and also how it draws your eye out towards the middle and inside the photo.  This photo i love because of the angle, i was able to get it to where the corner of the building was almost centered. The photo was hard to get because i had to step back for a minute before i finally saw this amazing opportunity.  This photo gives me more of a abstract feeling of being something not as elegant but its also something you would want to hang because it has that perfect amount of edge and sophistication.   This photo has a more artistic feel but the architecture aspect of the photo really makes it a great quality. This photo is my favorite because its a very b…
My favorite Downtown Photos
I chose 5 photos that were my favorite out of all my downtown photos. Each one has different aspects of them that i love. There were many great photo opportunities in Downtown San Antonio and i tried to take advantage of all of them. Bu these 5 in particular seemed to have a certain aspect that talked to me and made me feel like these were really great photos.

 I Chose this Artistic Architecture picture because i love the angle it was taken at and the way the stairs seem to climb the photo and draw your eye to it, and with the artistic edit it made it pop more and it draws your eye.
 I Love this picture because the curve of the arch makes your eye go from the outside of the picture to the inside, and overall i think its a great photo. 
I like this one because its not something you would consider photo worthy, but i decided to  make it an artistic edit and that gave the photo a whole new life.
This photo was one of my favorites because i was able to get a ni…